Everyones mind is a different set of wires, firing wildly towards specific strengths, weaknesses, interests, loves, passions, dislikes, triggers and pains.  Each mind is important, each mind is it’s own joy and it’s own burden and each mind is, like an old motor, in need of constant repair.  Whether content in your ways, calm in your demeanor and outlook, unsettled in your thoughts or complacent about it, repair is due.

Each of us repairs differently, slowly over time, perhaps with the help of others be it professional or personal.  The important factor is the constant work required to maintain a settled and healthy outlook to allow you a better foundation of tackling passions and careers, personal relationships and creative flow.   As it is clear one mind is not like the next, finding what it is that allows us this freedom is the key, the door to the next step and the level ground to build on.

Whichever methods you chose to guide your mind repair, the ultimate goal is one of content joy and fulfillment.  There is a quote on a scroll hanging inside the wall adjacent to my shower and each morning I read it.  The quote is by the Dalai Lama XIV and it states the following:

“We are visitors on this planet. We are here for one hundred years at the very most. During that period we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives. if you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true meaning of life.”

Each morning I read this.  Each morning I get myself mentally prepared to try my hardest to get out of my own mind and find the strength to be there for the support of those around me.  It doesn’t mean I live my life with full and total selflessness, there are very few on this planet who fulfill that void, however I keep it as a forward factor in my mind.

It is very easy to get caught up in the eye for an eye or the survival of the fittest mentality with the world we reside in.  We are alive at a time where social media rules all around us, delivers our news for us in bias and colorful patterns, allows us to hide behind walls and sheets and spew hatred without fear of the consequence or the backlash and harm of those involved.  We are made to fear technology, yet told to embrace it in selfish and narcissistic manors, given the freedom to share our stories as though they are the only stories that matter instead of using it encourage and strengthen others.  We are in a time of turmoil; where hate and judgment have become the reign holders, kindness is shunned and disrespected, individualism is a page or account, followers and comments.  It’s a time where one can be easily persuaded to join the hate-fueled criticism without guilt or fear of crucifixion and that idea itself is genuinely horrifying.

Certainly as a citizen of the United States of America, I am guilty of the same. Naive to the lives of those in war torn nations, those without homes, clean water, food, shoes, schools, families, limbs, employment, communities to return to after yours is unjustly destroyed, governments that won’t kill you for speaking your mind or practicing your religion.  Recently I am questioning even that in our country, throughout the struggles I experience and witness.  There is a far bigger struggle occurring all around us and it is important for us to remember this.  We are not this planet, we are only living on it.

The world is not structured for one person, one group, one race, one species.  With billions of beautiful and ugly minds swarming around this spinning rock, the need for internal balance is needed more so now than ever. Children need to grow up embracing themselves as confident beacons of power, honing the strength of a constantly growing mind, oozing the kindness and innocence through patient acts that benefit not just the individual but the group as a whole.  We need to loose the fear of loving and gain a resistance to hate.

My longwinded point is that internal balance is the start of a healthy mind and one that can aid others, as it gains knowledge and ultimately strength.  My goal for this space as a whole, is to open up the doors of what has helped me grow and find balance, see what helps you grow and find balance and a happy median where others can grow and aid others in growth based on our discoveries.  A place where judgment is set aside, criticism is accepted and growth is key.