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Motorcycle and Mind repair


Motorcycle Repair

Life’s A Gas

Vintage bikes have a certain charm, though complex, they existed at a simple time with simple parts and less options.  One thing that is very important about an old engine is the gas you put in it.  The Honda I... Continue Reading →

Chain Adjustment

Start with your bike on the center stand.  Use 2 wrenches (I believe I used a 12 and 14) to loosen the lock bolts on the long protruding piece shown all the way to the right bottom corner of this... Continue Reading →

Running On One Cylinder: Compression Test and Valve Adjustment

The next step was the test the compression. You need a compression tester and it goes into the threaded area for the spark plug.  Compression was surprisingly good.  For a Honda CB360 it should read about 120 cold and around... Continue Reading →

BABY BLUE-Honda CB360t

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Nuts in my clutch

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Running On One Cylinder: Fuel Starvation and Fuel Lines

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