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What is it about periods that makes people so uneasy? There are millions occurring simultaneously around us, they are a large part of the main process in which humanity has multiplied, they occur often and always (providing you’re able) yet the stigma remains. Much of the discussion has opened itself up wide in recent climate. In more of an era of inclusion and surge in feminism theory, real talk is in the grand scheme of things. Blunt and spooky topics to most. Everyday topic for us ladies. It has become a more conversed topic, from an industry stand point, to a human rights standpoint, to talk of tax breaks on tampons and even the classic period sex discussions we cannot afford to not have more of. Really admiring some of what I’ve seen written, like fantastic articles in SALTY Magazine consistently normalizing period sex, there is a separate one I’d like to discuss personally. Riding on the rag.

As a woman who rides a motorcycle quite constantly, this is a huge part of my life. Today I was thrilled to have properly timed my zip back home, but for many like me, they can be a large issue to attempt to control while on the road. Cramps that shred your insides, like you’re being scooped out like a jack-o-lantern, while steadily cruising along the highway controlling a gasoline filled bullet between your legs that weighs hundreds of pounds, is a real thing. Wondering if, when you eventually have to pull over and gas up, the elevator scene from the shinning will occur on your motorcycle seat. Gross? Well it ain’t, its reality. For me the feelings of weakness and faint buzz of blood loss is one of the more dangerous parts, so I attempt to reman hydrated and fed. My iron is low, I shake mildly if I don’t take extra iron, which I often forget to. On long trips, it’s hard to be the one to have to stop, especially if riding in groups. If you’ve got a peanut tank in the crowd, then you get lucky. Camping trips tie a whole other world of issues into the mix without access to a bathroom etc, yet we find a way.

Some women have no issues at all, it doesn’t interfere with their schedules or riding style, they fit it into their travels with the ease of a male rider. For a lot of us though, its not as simple. This is cutting out the emotional and physical fatigue that ultimately drains me personally in these situations. Just something to keep in mind as the women’s riding community grows larger each day. Iron pills, snack food, proper stops and protection on hand along the way to keep that part of the trip stressless.  Even riding among all women, it’s still easy to feel out of place discussing heavy periods or constant and painful endometriosis issues.This is just a short and sweet thought, but something I personally felt should become more of the discussion. How do you feel when you ride?  What can we do to normalize the discussion?