The motorcycle I personally ride and repair is a 1976 Honda CB 360t.  Honda CB 360s have a twin cylinder, four stroke engine. CB 360s were made from 1973-1976, the CB 360t being the last year.  They are equipped on a semi double-cradle frame with a six-speed gearbox, drum brakes on front and rear (hydraulic discs in the front on the T version), the suspension is telescopic front forks, a swing arm in the rear and a 2.9 gallon tank.  CB 360s are air cooled and although complex in their entirety, pretty self explanatory when taken piece by piece.  Vintage bikes from this era should always be filled with ethanol free gasoline to avoid problems down the road with all of your rubber parts.  The bike runs better on this high octane gas, because essentially it was made at a time when ethanol didn’t exist.   You’ll get a more pure mixture and it will help everything run smother in the long run. Happy bikes are safer bikes and will preform better for years to come.