This space is for motorcycle and mind repair, travel talk, bullshit feelings, my art and all other story sharing methods I can cram in on my free time.  Any person, anytime.  No judgement.  No expectations. I’m a human being in my 30’s.  Buffalo, New York is my current home.  As a woman who took the reigns to owning and repairing my own motorcycles, I felt it necessary to create a space for those who gain the mental benefits I do from riding and wrenching. Along with the countless others, who experience PTSD, depression, anxiety and the trail of other pests that hold you back, riding and motorcycle maintenance can be a vortex into the indescribable freedom, confidence and the true self discovery bikes can bring.  Sometimes it feels like we are all in the same leaky, shitty boat.  The feel of the wind on your skin does wonders.  Fucking believe me.

bro 16

My first motorcycle was Baby Blue, named after the Badfinger tune and she was the first love of my life.  She is a 1976 Honda CB360t and at 40 years young, she required some serious love.  This is simply another tool that you can use to gain information and advice on DIY maintenance  and repair, beginner mechanic questions, using riding and repair as a great way to help deal with PTSD and the string of issues that follow us who suffer from it.  Blue gave me almost two whole seasons of guessing, thousands of miles and smiles.  There wasn’t a time I thought I’d be without her, but change and loss are key tools in growth.

Baby Blue was Stole from my driveway while I slept on a rainy night in the West Side of the city.  She was found two weeks later along with 8 other stolen bikes, thrown in the backyard behind my neighbors fence; I then bought her back from the impound.  As someone who locked up every night, that was a reminder to me to never leave my bike unlocked again.

HW 9

Since then I’ve been working on a Honda CB550 (this will be my mad max style creation), staring longingly at the bent, spray-painted and hot wired CB360 and riding the 2009 Triumph Bonneville daily that I’ve been blessed to purchase, through a long time friend of mine.  I am also slowly rebuilding the CB550, one carb at a time…

Triumph - Nola and Me

I’m not a mechanic or a professional anything for that matter, however I have been lucky to have so many at my disposal to help me troubleshoot and wrench with.  Intense passion, a few solid skills and a decent tool kit is all you need to do riding and wrenching on your own.  It has opened up doorways for me mentally and spiritually that I cannot even begin to describe the lifelong benefits of.  Wrenching then riding gives me a confidence I can’t get elsewhere.  Immediate and long term satisfaction, we all know this is rare.  My goal is to share my self discovery, help guide you with maintenance questions, learn with you and help you to see that there is a headlight at the end of the tunnel.  You’ll soon relish in the fact that it doesn’t matter what other people think, as long as you try to practice patience and grow from mistakes.